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It's hard to get past these. We all know white makes you look more tanned so if you want that little extra glow - these are for you. Naturally they go with anything. They are a matt white glitter and trust us; in the sun they catch the light and look the bomb! J&Gx 

These beautifully handcrafted Menorcan Sandals also known as an Avarca, are made with real leather and each pair are truly unique and individual. 

The Avarca originated from the Island of Menorca. It was formerly a traditional footwear used by the farmers and rural people as it was strong and adaptable to the Menorcan countryside.

The soles were originally made from old car tyres, as it was a readily available material. As the sandals grew in popularity across Spain many imitations arose but to be an authentic Avarca, the sandals must be made in full and by hand on the Island of Menorca.

In order to protect the heritage and authenticity of the sandals, the Menorcan government produced a tag to reflect this (which all Palmaira’s have). Our factory uses traditional methods, and we work with an incredible, well respected shoe designer, who has tweaked Palmaira’s to give the female foot the most flattering shape.

Glitter Palmairas are very delicate and are not designed to be worn as an everyday shoe.
Upper: Fabric/Leather
Inner: Leather
Sole: Rubber TR 

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