So. Ever wondered what Jenn and Gem get up to each day. Yeah, nah, probably not.
But we’re going to tell you anyway. Our ‘day in the life of’ is best read while sipping on your favourite tea (or vino), with your feet up and the kids in bed (where ours are while we write this).
Enjoy – G & J x

4:30 am - 5.00 am

We’re up and at ‘em (not by choice), because the babies have other plans for our * ahem * beauty sleep. The next half hour then involves nappies, poop cleaning, toddler wrestling and food preparing. Because the little ones are hungry (and so are we at this point).

7.00 am

The nanny comes to save us (kidding... kind of), so that we can enter ultimate#AussiePalmairaGirls mode.
And with that kids and babies off to daycare - it may be a little quiet in the house - but it definitely does not mean our day is winding down! Our hair is up in a bun … it’s time to get to business. Off to the office we go!

Yes - ok - the hair isn’t in a bun here, but you get the drift.

7.00 am - 4.00 pm

During the workday, Jenn’s focus is on YOU (our amazing #PalmairaAussieGirls), we’ve given her the title of Queen of hearts (it definitely suits her).
So what does Jenn whizz around doing all day?! Well. Her duties include but are not limited to -
  1. Organising collaborations & relationships with like-minded businesses.
  2. Brainstorming AH-mazing Palmaira designs with Gems - yes our foot candy is designed in-house!! Each collection is new, fun, & fresh!!
  3. A flurry of daily tasks i.e. everything customer service, management of current campaigns.
We like to refer to Gems as our Queen Buzzy Bee. Anything sales-related, Gems is there (no really she just appears out of thin air).
Tasks Gem carries out in an all-black superhero suit –
All things on our lil Palmaira website! Oh you’ve dropped something in your cart and ordered it? Gems is right on it making sure the order has gone through correctly and shipping is set to be on track.
  1. We want the world to know about and love Palmaira’s just as much as we do. BUT. Not everyone is a sandal-fan and that’s a-okay. Which is why Gems works hard to ensure our marketing targets all the right ladies (and cluey husbands).
  1. Gems makes sure the warehouse overall is in tip-top condition for getting sh*t done!
 Not all superheros wear capes.
Here’s the thing. Yes sometimes we like to have a salad BUT we also love to have a treat day and indulge in some donuts and a pint of ice cream.
Speaking of the Palmaira Team … this feels like the perfect time to introduce Zarina and Shellie … the absolute backbone of Palmaira’s! (Stay tuned, we’ll introduce them properly in our next blogs to come)
We basically bring chocolate & cheese into the office every week to bribe them into never leaving us. Because - how would we survive!?
With chocolate comes tea. Which there is A LOT of. Favourites include: French Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Chai.
4.00 pm
Laptops are strictly closed at 4.00pm on the dot AKA it’s home time for everyone in the office!
Dinner is prepared. (Sometimes already made, cheers Husband(s).) Minion time for a couple of hours, a bit of play, then it’s off to sleep for them as well – well with any luck at least ;)  
There’s always a COLD tea (face palm) being enjoyed amidst the chaos … but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
7.00 pm
You thought we were done hey. Yeah. Nah ah.
Time for a HOT cuppa (boom), laptops/phones are open again to finalise emails; social media posts; and there are often Skype calls to Europe in the evenings!!
Final Musings …
Ahhh. So we bet our ‘day in the life of’ is not the super-glamorous story you were expecting!! It is A LOT of juggling between work, family life, children and general LIFE.
But we absolutely adore our little Palmaira world.
From meetings around the table; to jumping into the car and meeting clients outside the office; popping on skype to chat business on the other side of the world; creating foot candy designs for our next collections or becoming professional photographers for a few hours - no day is the same for us!
It’s a crazy little life we’ve created for ourselves and we’re stoked we can share it with you, our #AussiePalmairaGirls!


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