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Designed by us here in Australia

Handcrafted in Menorca, Spain.

Our Story

How it all began..

For those of you who have followed our socials for sometime will know we are two sister-in-laws (Jenn & Gem) both with young families. You might also know that 18 months in to starting our biz, a picture of our sandals went viral here in Australia. in 24 hrs our Facebook page went from 3K likes to 30K, we sold out of all 600 pairs we had in stock and woke up to over 1000 emails in our inbox. 

In fact at the time our post went viral we were both new mums (Jenn had a 6 month old & Gem a 2 month old) - how we got those orders out & managed the sudden growth is a story for another time :)

Handmade by Artisans

All our sandals are hand crafted on the Island of Menorca (A tiny island off the coast of Spain).

The Avarca (our original style Palmaira's) are a traditional rural shoe. Worn for their durability, breathability & comfort.

This sandal is rich with history.

We are proud to work with one of the most reputable factory where your sandals are still made by artisans who learn't their trade from their forefathers.