About us - Jenn & Gems

This duo are sister-in-laws, best friends & business partners. They first met in London (their homeland) in 2006 when Jenn started dating Gems big brother (James). 

Shortly after James headed to Australia for some job interviews and Gems tagged along. Lucky she did as she met her Aussie hubby (Brent) on the plane. Fun fact, it was valentines day!

Within two years they were all living life down under. 

They now have 5 little people between them. 


JENN - Queen of hearts & design babe.

LOVES: Tea, animals, kids (sometimes depending on mood), fruit, clothes, & gardening
HATES: Butter

GEM - Queen Bizzy Bee & design babe

LOVES: Tea, chocolate, family, candles, cosy knits, lip balm, trainers, shoes, slipper, 
HATE: Green foods (apart from gummy bears)