Ok. So we have a confession. We have the #GlitterBug.


A totally official (and serious) diagnosis for a full-on obsession with all things glitter. Yes pick your jaw up from the floor, because it is totally a thing.

As our #AussiePalmairaGirls. You would be familiar with our glitter Palmairas right?

Exhibit A: One of our Glitter Palmaira’s: Mocca Glitter



Well. We all ooh’ed and ahh’ed over the collection so much that we decided we “glitter-ally” wanted to bring you all more.


So during our 2017 planning day in May last year, Jenn and I sat down and thought about how we could infuse “modern” with a bit (a lot) of glitter to the traditional Avarcas. We wanted to create something completely unique and different yet paid testament to the rich history that came with the traditional design of the Avarca sandals.


And we thought. Espadrilles. Could we add a bit of pizzazz to them and make them with Glitter Backs?


And so. Here it is.

Introducing *ahem, drumroll please*... our Glitter Espadrilles.




A true labour of love from yours truly that has been 399 days in the making.


So. How did we actually go about giving birth to our newest addiction - whoops we mean - addition to the Palmaira family?


  1. Flipping the traditional on its head

    Jenn and I are always looking for new ways to to create shoe candy for our #AussiePalmairaGirls that were completely and utterly different to:

    a) anything we had previously created for our collection; and

    b) anything we had ever seen before.


  1. Add Glitter

    We decided we would wave our magic wands and sprinkle the good ole’ shiny stuff onto the heel of our already loved Espadrille design (We are now glitter fairy godmothers) …

  1. Testing and refining

    Why did it take us 399 days? Because in between this time, there was a lot of testing of materials, and fabrics to ensure we could actually bring this concept to life as we wanted to ensure our glitter backs would provide the same support than its leather counterparts.


So when we got the YES from our design factory in Menorca, we won’t lie … there was lots of jumping up and down between Jenn and I (and lots of glitter falling all over the place lol).



  1. Viola


Are they any different to our original Espadrille design?? Si. They are.

The loop on the sandal of our Glitter Back Espadrilles design is slightly different to our traditional Espadrilles. Our artisans in Menorca had to experiment and use two different types of leathers so that we were able to maintain the durability, feel, and look of the traditional Espadrilles design.


So there you have it.


We would love for you to catch the #GlitterBug with us … and let us know what you think of our newest collection.


It is officially live and waiting for you #AussiePalmairaGirls!


Glitter up. There are more in this range to arrive over the coming months!


Shop here.


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